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Delightful Peep of the Month- Mar’2017

Meet Cara, she is a health blogger, fitness enthusiast, wellness coach, health foods producer and founder of the Caralishious brand. With 17 years of dancing behind her, Cara has first-hand experience in sports nutrition, body conditioning, Pilates, healthy eating and holistic living. After overcoming years of struggle in her relationship with food and body image, it is now her passion to help heal others. “I understand the dangers of deprivation, fad- dieting and over-exercising” says Cara, “because I’ve been there. I want to teach people how to eat with a deep sense of peace, enjoyment and gratitude by choosing nourishing foods that will promote a healthy happy body and mind. “Creating my blog and my health foods range has enabled me to heal deeply, and together these elements now forge a platform through which I am able to inspire and encourage health and healing in others too”.

You can find Cara-Lisa’s online coaching services and meal plan options at The Caralishious blog also includes healthy recipes, nutrition advice, exercise tips and offers simple and sustainable ways to obtain and maintain lasting health. You can also subscribe to Cara’s newsletter for regular updates, recipes, and nutrition tips delivered straight to your email. Keep a look out for the exciting new Caralishious Coconut Milk Ice-Cream – completely Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Carb and Guilt Free! The perfect treat to curb your cravings! Available in six delectable flavours at selected stores across Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town South Africa.

Tell us a little about your brand Caralishious?

Caralishious is a holistic health and lifestyle brand that is focused on building an all-encompassing hub of innovative health products, workouts, and individual, and corporate health services that are available under one roof. We are likewise dedicated to building up a health community platform where people from all walks of life can come together in health, to share their own experiences and to inspire one another to persist along the journey that is good health, balance and happiness.

What services do you offer through your business?

The Caralishious blog is a lifestyle platform from which other aspects of my business emanate – both products and services. My services include wellness coaching, pop up yoga events, brand collaborations, personalised lifestyle guides, meal plans and recipe guides. From a products perspective, I have developed Caralishious Coconut Milk Ice-Cream, a low carb, vegan, sugar-free ice-cream that launched to market in May of 2015. The response from consumers has been incredible and we have expanded to Cape Town, from which we aim to create national reach. We will also be launching in larger retails stores throughout the course of this year, and will be releasing new health food ranges within the next few months.

  • Food Products: We appeal to the nutritional needs of health conscious consumers by creating luxury health food products that synergize health and deliciousness with chic and trendy branding.
  • Online Material: Our food offering is supplemented by nutrition and wellness coaching, health and wellness eBooks and a comprehensive online wellness, beauty and lifestyle blog designed to add value to both customers and clients alike, and to inspire people to enjoy a healthy, balanced approach to life.
  • Services: As the face of my brand, I also offer MC and guest speaker services for events and corporates that focus on educating people about proper nutrition, healthy eating, exercise and general well-being. I collaborate with like-minded brands on projects and campaigns, and host pop up yoga events and offer both individual and corporate wellness consulting services.

What is your greatest highlight to-date?

For the past two years, I have wanted to host a women’s event that amalgamates yoga, fitness, nutrition and inspiration. This year, and in partnership with Adidas South Africa, my concept was finally brought to life. It was so incredible to see so many amazing women come together to support one another in health, fitness and well-being. I love being a part of building a community of women that are inspired, motivated and supportive in building up both themselves and one another in becoming the best version of themselves. This has truly been an amazing highlight for me!

Have you faced any difficulties in the process of becoming healthier?

Being a ballet dancer for so many years, healthy eating has always been a part of my life. My knowledge and deep passion for health however, was cemented along my own personal healing journey through which I was able to overcome eating disorders. Being under constant scrutiny on stage I used to feel tremendous pressure to be thin, and so restrictive eating sadly became part of my life. I am so grateful to have had the support I did to help me change my perception of food, health and my body. Through proper nutrition, perseverance and loving support, I was able to heal my body and my mind. My newfound energy sparked a keen interest in me about healthy living, and so I began engaging in plenty of research on holistic wellness, nutrition and exercise. Exposing myself to new ways of thinking about healthy living opened my eyes to the astounding properties of wholesome nourishment. Even though this path was a challenging one, I am so happy that it was mine to bear, because I have learned so much from it. My health blog is something that has been so therapeutic for me. Through sharing healthy recipes, nutrition tips and personal health stories of my own, I hope to help others heal too. I want to encourage people to nourish their bodies, to appreciate themselves and to look at food not as something bad, but as something that nourishes and heals. So many people out there have distorted perceptions of themselves coupled with an unhealthy relationship with food – one that is filled with deprivation and anxiety. People are so bombarded with mixed messages about what they should be eating, that they end up feeling confused, overwhelmed and helpless. My aim is to help spread the right message – one of balance, nourishment, self-appreciation, and healing

Who or what is your source of inspiration?

I believe creation elicits inspiration – When I am in a space of constant creation and innovation, I feel continuously inspired. Seeing your visions come to life in whatever shape of form this may be, is for me what builds further inspiration to develop and create further. This can apply to keeping fit and healthy too – keep innovating in the kitchen and at the gym and you will be inspired to persist. I am a big believer of changing up your training so that your workout routine is always interesting, fun and motivating – keep trying new things and let yourself celebrate all the amazing things your body can do – the more your try the more you will see just how much your body can actually do!

How do you measure success?

Success for me is about living your own truth and acting through passion each and every day. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life – and life is way too short not to be doing what you enjoy! Work is 75% of our lives, so to live your passion is to live a successful life. I also believe that positive influence and upliftment is a huge measure of success – if you are able to help, motivate and enhance the lives of others then you are living successfully.

 What would you like to be remembered for?

I endeavour to build a trustworthy brand that has my community’s health interests at heart every step of the way. It would be a true honour to be remembered for making a positive and uplifting change in the way that people view their health and wellbeing.

 What is your day to day routine like?

I am usually up by 5am. Mornings are my “me” time and I like to keep them calm and relaxed to set myself up for a positive and productive day. On rising I set my intention for the day, and affirm this for 5 minutes before getting out of bed. This is usually something like “I am thankful for my success” or “I attract opportunity and abundance”. Once I am up and about, I drink a large mug of hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and cinnamon to cleanse my system. I also take a probiotic to promote healthy digestion. By 6am I am at the gym for an hour or so and then I enjoy a nutritious breakfast. I usually opt for rolled oats or chia pudding, and if I am feeling a little flat, I will add a scoop of vegan protein powder to give me that extra kick. I am usually working by 8:15, and make sure to take regular breaks to keep my energy levels and concentration up. Even spending 5 minutes outside in the sun can really help you to feel reenergized. I stock up my fridge with raw veggie snacks, and salads which I like to eat throughout the day. I prefer enjoying smaller regular meals to keep my metabolism fuelled. On days that require me to be on the go, I like to keep a cooler box with a packed lunch and snacks in my car to ensure that I am able to get all the nutrients I need to keep up with a busy schedule.

What’s next for the Caralishious Brand?

I aim to expand the Caralishious Brand to include a complete range of health foods, natural hair care, skin care, cosmetics and natural baby care. I would like to publish a health, lifestyle and recipe book, an app, and I am also looking launch more social events, focusing here on pop up health lunches, yoga classes, fitness lunches etc to provide an opportunity for the Caralishious community to engage with one another in person. I am also working on building the Caralishious blog to become a multifaceted advertising platform for like-minded brands within the health, beauty and fitness industry. My ultimate goal is to be able to build an international interactive health community by offering people a one-stop destination for health – one that provides not only products or services, but an entire lifestyle.

How important is working out to you and why?

I absolutely love working out. I believe it is essential to keep the body fit and active – not only for aesthetic reasons, but for general well-being, energy and longevity. Exercising makes me feel great – getting those endorphins going is for me the greatest way to start the day. I typically train 5-6 days a week. This keeps me energized, centred, relaxed and facilitates the connection between my mind and body. I really enjoy changing up my workout routines every six weeks or so to keep things interesting and to prevent my body from reaching a plateau. I absolutely love yoga and Pilates, which I practice most days. I also enjoy High Intensity Interval Training (using only my body weight) 2-3 times per week. I am not a big fan of weight training, as these work muscles in isolation, so I stick to plyometric and body weight exercises instead. I also enjoy doing drills outside in the park or the field. Those can be super fun with a friend. 

With Carla @ the Adidas Body Brunch

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