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Race Review: The MusicRun

I went to the very first South African edition of the Music Run, the loudest 5 km run. I had a such great time I had to share my experience.

Race pack collection

This has to be the best race pack collection ever. It was a week in advance and they sent out email and sms reminders with details. We had to go to Edgars at the Mall of Africa and there was no queues, no confusion and no mix-up on the T-shirt sizes like at the Joburg 10k City Run

My new favourite race #musicrun #livethebeat #loudest5k

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Venue and Access

The venue was the Rivers Farm in Fourways and is less than 8 kms away from my place. I know the place well as I’ve been there for the Muddy Princess and there’s lots of parking space. 


It was quiet hot when we arrived just before 3 pm but cloudy and even threatened to rain with light shower (drizzle) for we headed to start point. My heart sank a when i thought that this could be a repeat of when we got rained out at Fit Night Out. I was so glad when the rain held out.

Pre –race entertainment

This has to be most fun ever. I know I said it about Rock the Run which will no longer be hosted 🙁 and even recently with Run Your Crew. We had music from DJ Sam Withers from Australia then a live performance from The Muffins.


We had zumba warm -up session. I really got into it. I guess it helped that I knew some of the songs and dance routines. I’m glad it wasn’t a running race because I put too much energy in the pre-race entertainment and warm up.


The only thing I didn’t like was that the route was so dusty and there were only two water stations, one at the halfway next to hippies who had their VW Beetles and the other was right at the finish line. I did however love the way each kilometre was set up. Loud speakers 40 metres apart, different music genres starting with rock, pop, old school, hip hop and dance. I thought I wasn’t much of a music fan but I sang along even danced to most of the songs.

There was even a Jackson impersonator was at the dance zone. Of course the song “Eye of the Tiger” had to be played and that is one of the songs I actually ran along to.


I love medals and I was glad to receive one at the end of the race.

Entertainment and extras

This race was packed with so much to do for everyone from human bowling (which of course I tried) Games across the farm (sumo wrestling, fuzball and stuff for the little ones who had free entry if they were less than 5 years old.

The night was closed by DJ Euphonik and I’ve never actually listened to him before and was pleasantly surprised by his set. I danced and sang along to almost every song.  He really knows how to get a crowd going.

This is definitely a race that will be on my race calendar for years to come.

Have you ever gone to a fun run? How was it?



  1. The weather was on the Music Run’s side haha. I remember the showers and thinking the rain was going to ruin it for us lol. I was in love with all the props along the route.

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