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2017 Vision-board and goals

Now that the dust has settled and the New Year celebration hype is over. It’s time to get to work on the dreams and goals. Over the last two years I’ve had a vision-board and they have worked for my about 65% of the time. This year I want my current vision board to work for me even more but I’ve noticed that I get lost in the details of planning. I write and write but there’s never any clarity or specifics and there’s way toooo many lists that are all over the place.

Perfect example is my video sharing my 2017 goals and vision-board. I noticed most of what I left out when I was editing it.  Here’s even a better one I have a journal for everything from prayer, fitness, gratitude, blog and daily planner). I’m clearly a master at planning but not at acting out the plan.

Facebook memories reminded me that I posted this quote “Good resolutions are like crying babies in church. They should be carried out immediately”. – Charles M Sheldon. So for this year I’ve edited my 2016 vision- board and below is what I intend to accomplish and manifest in 2017.

My many #journals, all current I need to downsize. #planning #bulletjournal #bujo

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  1. Morning routine- I want to have a solid morning routine so I can have productive mornings and I’m not in a rush. I know this will help set the tone for the day and also get a lot more done because of a calm mind and preparedness.
  1. Journaling and Planning-These two go hand in hand and my focus is to be consistent and I want to always remember to look through my journals before writing more stuff down. Maybe 2018 will be the year I have one journal for everything.
  1. Reading-I want to read 12 non-fiction books with my main focus being business, fitness and self development.


  1. Yoga- I want to practice Yoga once a week
  2. Water- I want to drink 1, 8 litres of water daily, I’m presently at 1 to 1, 5 litres.
  3. Abs- I want to strengthen my core and have a 6 pack/ flat tummy again.


I noticed that I’m obsessed with gadgets. I have on my vision-board:

  1. Go- pro – I would like to buy it and use to record videos for my channel.
  2. Camcorder- This is a cheaper option for what the Go Pro does
  3. iPhone- To replace my current phone which has given me problems I’ve only had for a year
  4. Nutribullet- To blend all those nutritious smoothies and juices

The other things on my vision-board

Blog- I will continue working on my blog and creating new content, I’ve expanded to YouTube as well so I will definitely be learning how to edit and make my blog and channel pretty. This might be putting a bit of pressure on me but I would to offer some free resources this year.  Making money was never the reason for blogging, but for Dumbbells and Delights to stay online I need to make an income from it.

Education– I want to study, this time to be a Health Coach. I’m going to have to come up with a plan on securing the finance for the course (It’s rather expensive)

Travel– I would like to explore South Africa more this year and possibly even travel to one new country. Again finance and good planning will have to come into play for this goal. I’ve started downsizing and redirecting funds towards my travel fund.

Relationship– I am still open to pursuing a relationship but I will not be signing up for Tinder or any other online dating sites.  If you’re a single guy reading this and you contact me that will be the only online dating I will be doing.

So this is my plan for 2017.  I will work through everything one by one

What are your goals (resolutions, dreams and desires) for 2017? How do you plan to accomplish them?


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