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Review: Adidas Body Brunch

My goal to do yoga once a week this year started off this past weekend with a great class hosted by Cara-Lisa Sham from Caralishious. I’ve wanted to attend one of her classes for a while since I missed out on an opportunity when we got rained out at Fit Night Out.  I was excited when I entered a competition on Instagram and won a free entry for me and a friend to the first Adidas Body Brunch hosted by Cara-Lisa herself.

As mentioned before on the Adidas Run Your crew post, Adidas knows how to host events. This Adidas Body Brunch was no exception. Cara- Lisa is all about encouraging women to love their bodies and this was reflected by the positive words on the venue’s windows.

Mats and water were provided for us. I haven’t done Yoga in while and the last time I did it in a group setting was at Sunfit SA in 2014. My sister and I picked a place close to the front. I tend to get distracted if I’m at the back of other people. Yoga is hard guys, but I love how Cara-Lisa guided us through each pose gently edging us to try each pose no matter how difficult it looked.

I don’t know most of the yoga terms but the locust pose was new to me. My body felt sore in areas I forgot I had the next day and the downward dog pose did become easier in the 60 minute class.

After the yoga class we headed upstairs to the roof for brunch and champagne. We got to catch up and hang out while eating the delicious food provided. I sampled Cara-Lisa’s vegan ice cream. this was the time where we got to meet other people who were in the class and just celebrate our bodies and the

Candice Bodington from Candibod did a demonstration on how to make a smoothie bowl, it’s basically a smoothie in bowl and it’s you’re not keen on drinking your food then this is for you.  Shortly after that there was a prize giveaway and of course lovely goodie bags on the way out. I was at the winner’s table two of the girls who won from the lucky draw were sitting at my our.

It was great catching up with the lovely ladies from Wellness in the City and Pop-up gym. Be on the lookout for more information about Cara- Lisa as she will be our Delightful Peep of the month in March.

Thank you AdidasZa for yet another awesome event. I look forward to attending many more.

Have you ever tried Yoga? What was your experience like? 


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