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Review: GoodReads Challenge 2016

2016 hasn’t been a good year for reading. I read only 5 books this year and only reviewed 4. Book 1 of 2016 was lucky to get it’s own full post.

Book 2 of 2016

The thing about jellyfish by Ali Benjamin

It’s so easy to have grief takeover your life and think that you are the only one going through a loss and this is how Suzy felt in this novel. Not only did she become obsessed with jellyfish but she blamed herself for her friend Franny’s death. Suzy had a serious amount of resolve something I personally lack. She resolved not to speak and succeeded for 5 months much to her family’s dismay. This novel also raises awareness on the ever-growing jellyfish population due to the extreme pollution of the oceans. It amazes me that a particular species can thrive during such difficult times. It was a light but informative read.

Book 2 of 2016 #goodsreads #bookworm #books

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Book 3 of 2016

The girls at the Kingfisher Club- Genevieve Valentine

I thought I would be able to relate with Jo the eldest of 12 sisters having 5 sisters myself but it was really on a small scale. I didn’t have to raise my sisters and while I lookout for them it’s completely different. I loved how Jo worked hard to ensure that her sisters had a good time. I was also glad that everything worked out in the end and all the sisters we free from the clutches of their father. I loved how Jo trusted Tom (her love interest) to have him help her rescue her sister and confidant Lou. I did find myself losing track of the names and descriptions of the all the sisters as their father did though for him it was more because he didn’t want to know them.

Book 4 of 2016

The here and now – Ann Branshares

Who doesn’t love a story about time travel? That’s what I thought when I first started reading this novel. I however struggled to read it let alone finish it. I did find something interesting though the world in the future had been plagued by a disease caused by mosquitoes and this made me think if the Zika virus. About the story itself: Prenna (lead character) and her family had traveled back in time to seek refuge. I found it strange that they didn’t go back to the past to change history or fix the problem that caused the world to be destroyed.

Book 5 of 2016

Pool side essentials #vacation

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I really would like to do better in 2017 and not just to read more books but to read better quality books that are in line with the things I’m working on now. Like blogging, health and wellness and career growth and business stuff.


Did you read any books in 2016?

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