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My fitness journal: Review and free printable

I’ve been using a fitness journal since September and I received a note book from Adidas when I attended the Adidas Boosts Bloggers Day in Cape Town. You can use your journal to track many different things such as your weight, your reflections, motivational quotes (something I might add), your food, your exercise and the list goes on and below is the close-up images of my journal.


This is an element form the Bullet Journal System which shows where to find items in the journal. I numbered each page at the bottom right corner.

I’ve also done a detailed YouTube video, please check it out and subscribe to my channel.

Daily workout log

These logs will cover most of the journal as I track my daily workouts. I basically track what exercise I did, how I felt during the workout, what I ate or drank pre or post workout. I also track my workouts on my blog on the series Move Monday Series.


These are my body measurements I recorded them when I was doing a fitness challenge that required them.

Fitness goals

I have two sets of goals – my fitbit goals which are the daily goals I’ll be tracking on my fitibt. The “other” goals are things I cannot track on fitbit but would like to do.

Workout schedule

The schedule is a guideline for different types of workouts that I’m keen on trying out. Since I work out from home I really the discipline and also I need to make it as fun as possible.

Daily workout log new format

I decided to use this format because the first one took up too much space in the journal and was very time consuming.

Personal best

This is for tracking times and records that are record breaking. I’m hoping to set new records in the New Year.

Fitness Test

I do the fitness test once a month and this helps see what progress I’m making. If I’m not improving then I can change up my workouts or routines.

Morning and evening ritual


These pages are currently a work-in-progress. I’ve saved room for this as my routines are I ideal for my overall wellness. Preparing my lunch the night before or reading book are things I know that I want to do so I’m relaxed before going to work in the morning.

Future log

This is a calendar for events I would to run or participate in, in the future.  I have listed the whole so I can add new stuff as and when I’m ready.

Do you have a fitness journal or some kind of tracker? Let me know

You can also download for free a printable fitness journal here



  1. I just got my bullet journal organized for the 1st half of 2017 or until I run out of pages. I like how you are using yours to track your fitness . This will be my first bullet journal so I’m sure I’ll make some changes as I go.

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      I also set up my bullet journal for the rest of the stuff. I’m hoping the system will help me keep everything together. I have way too many note books.

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Thank you for stopping by Gaby, hope the printable helps you on your fitness journey.

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Glad you liked it Melissa, hope this helps you on your fitness journey.

  2. Elelwani Nemukula Elelwani Nemukula

    So informative love love it

    • I’m glad you love it. Hope t will help you further on your fitness journey.

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