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Join me for Adidas: Run your crew

Anyone who know me knows I hate mid to long distance running but I love a challenge and so when Adidas, the world’s leading sportswear innovator,announced a new way of running I signed up for the Adidas run your crew and have already assembled my very own crew. Shout out to #TeamDelights or #TeamDumbbells, we are still working on a name.

This inner-city crew night run will take place in Johannesburg on Dec. 3, 2016 at 7 p.m and offers a unique format: Runners must enter a six-person crew to compete, with all crews able to choose the route or distance they’d like to run on the night of the race.

The run starts for all crews at the Sci Bono Centre in Newtown finishes at Carfax in Gwigwi Mrewebi Street. Each crew  has the option to run 4, 8 or 12 km. The entry fee is R 200 a crew member which honestly I felt was a bit expensive for a race but you also get an Adidas RYC t-shirt, a cellphone pouch, R 75 Uber vouchers, timing chip, RYC stickers and exclusive access to a block party after the race.


Use the hashtag #WhyIRun to stay in the loop.

I run for the social experience, runners are friendly people and this the perfect opportunity to get social before the end of the year. I run for the glory; be it to say I did it or better yet to get the medal. I might not stand on the podium like at the Olympics but hey a medal is a medal. I run for the fun to be had and  there will be a block party after the race. Did I mention that?


Why do you run? Wanna  get together your own crew? To participate, simply sign up your crew of six members at Registrations close on the 7th of November.


 So what are you waiting for? On your marks, set GO.




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