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Move Monday – Fitness Series

Move Monday

Sunday 25 September, 2016 was a recovery day. My knees and bum hurt so badly from the 10 km race. I am now 4704 minutes away from meeting my goal challenge of exercising 10950 minutes which is 30 minutes of exercise every day. I’m not sure if I’ll get there but I’ll keep trying. I already know I’m better than were I was this time last year.

Tuesday 27 September, 2016 I went for a walk and did about 1.9 km in 25 minutes and this brought me to 6271 minutes in total.

Wednesday 28 September 2016 I did 20 minutes of zumba that race took out of me more than I expected. The recovery was taking longer than expected. This brought me to a total of 6291 minutes.

Thursday 29 September 2016 Fitness test – This might have been a bad idea so soon after covering 19 km in one day. I had to stick to my schedule but I did some of the moves with caution. I did notice that there was some improvements.

Friday 28 September 2016 As usual my go to work out came in handy I managed to do 20 minutes of zumba just to get me moving. This came to a total of 6311 minutes.

*Saturday 01 October 2016 Saturdays are usually rest day but spring cleaning got me moving in about 64 minutes and covering 4,1km in the house brought me to 6375 minutes in total.

* Sunday 02 October 2016, I went to Lonehill Park and had a mini up the “hill” I covered 2,1km in 30 minutes coming to a total of 6405 minutes.

*Tuesday 04 October Zumba        25 minutes          6430 minutes in total.

*Wednesday 05 October 2016 I tried something new I went for a walk with my friend Christine we actually walked further than I normally would have by myself of course we were bonding so this pace was slow.  We covered 8,1km in 1hr 29mins to bring me to 6519 minutes in total.

*Thursday 06 October Kickboxing I used a Billy Blanks video 45mins 6564 minutes in total.

Last night's #workout was a #tbt with BillyBlanks #kickboxing video. 45 minutes

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Friday 07 October 2016 Walking – car problems had me walking and I covered 4,2 km in 45 minutes. The pace was quick because I wanted to get out of the blazing heat. 6609

*Sunday 09 October My love for hiking was strengthened again with yet another Hike at Walter Sisulu Gardens,  6,7 km 2hrs 2mins 6731 minutes

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