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Race Review: Joburg 10k City Run

On Saturday the 24th Heritage Day I did my first ever 10 km run. Here’s my thoughts on the race.

Race pack collection
This was a few days before the race and was so chaotic that my T-shirt was actually a men’s small size. I swapped with my sister’s women’s small shirt but still it was big. This was rather disappointing I had ordered an extra small but I didn’t let it deter me from running my first ever 10 km run, considering I’ve never run more than 5 km.



Getting to The race
I decided to take public transport which of course meant walking across The city. I’m so glad I was already in my race gear because I was a bit relaxed about walking in Joburg CBD than I normally would have.

The course
The course was across the city of Johannesburg with the starting point at FNB bank city and finish-line at Mary Fitzgerald Square. The hills were very tough especially the 7 to 8 km section at constitution hill. I almost fell twice on the route.

I don’t know what the actual temperature was but it was a hot day and the African Sun was truly shining down on us. I’m so glad there were 3 water stations on the route I stopped at each one to get water and a coke. My skin was itching at the beginning of the race and so I had to stay in the HOT sun for it stop. This is why i hate running my skin itches sometimes it actually hurts.

Race ambiance
One of The reasons why I run is because runners are friendly people *must the runners high* The support along the route was amazing. People hooting at us, cheering us on and of course The hired entertainment which consisted of school bands, traditional dancers, ballet dancers and even cheerleaders.



I also loved having my name on race bib though it was a bit shocking when someone on the street yelled my name and I didn’t know them.

The entertainment
After the race we went to the stage to watch a Folk band called Rubber Duc. I had never heard of them but they delivered. Fusing their songs and singing classic songs that are loved by South Africans. Plus they are hot. Needless to say i enjoyed myself and danced so much my knees hurt when i went to bed that night. maybe it was the running.

I loved the medal especially the detail which listed the sites we passed along the route.




My time was 1:40:39 it might even have been better if we didn’t stop to take pics but I wasn’t running to set any records I was running to complete yet another 101 goal. 


Have you ever run a 10 km race? Would you like to run one? 


  1. Well done Sam, here is too many more races in your future 🙂

    • Thanks, Mmmm P the jury is still out on doing more long distance runs.

  2. Joseph Joseph

    Goody! Keep it up 🙂

  3. Melissa Melissa

    Hey Sam, you’re right, runners are friendly, my folks are forever hooting runners even if they are only training. Well done on your finish.

  4. Hello Samantha, great job! I’ve never run a 10k before. I wish I could do that someday. It must be sooo rewarding.

    • Thanks it was my first one and I felt so great after achieving it. I do recommend that you train a bit more than I did, so that your body won’t hurt as much as mine did that night.

  5. Hester Hester

    Well done! And these girls hike too. Met them at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on. Small world. Regards

    • Thank you Hester, it was great meeting you and definitely looking forward to more hikes.

  6. […] This has to be the best race pack collection ever. It was a week in advance and they sent out email and sms reminders with details. We had to go to Edgars at the Mall of Africa and there was no queues, no confusion and no mix-up on the T-shirt sizes like at the Joburg 10k City Run.  […]

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