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Book review: Keys of Yama TLB Kruger

Keys of Yama- Stepping beyond the threshold of death by TLB Kruger


Book 1 of 2016

I rate this book 4 out of 5

About the book

The book is an exciting thriller about Joshua, a climber from Cape Town, who’s been facing his fear of death by climbing the world’s most dangerous mountains. He is rescued from an avalanche and taken to a cave by passing porters,where he discovers a group of monks who have been guarding a message from the Buddha for almost three millenia.This message contains the keys to conquer death. Joshua is tasked by their master to deliver this message to the west.An attack on the cave
by Jihadi’s, propel Joshua and Electa,the master’s young protégé, on a  tumultuous journey back  to   civilization. Unless they succeed, the secrets of death could be lost forever.

My thoughts on the book

I added another author to my list of local authors (South African). This novel turned out to be different from usual novels. I particularly enjoyed the adventure that josh went through from climbing a very high mountain in winter, surviving an avalanche to living with monks for a while. I must admit I am not well versed with the ways of Buddhists and some of the information was shall I say “enlightening”; no pun intended. However the novel is labeled as fiction so I don’t know to extent is the information about the monks is true. For instance Electa was a female assistant to the head monk and a reincarnate of Taara. The reincarnation stuff got me turned around. But reading this novel got me to analyse my personal devotion and my faith in God as a Christian. Electa was truly dependent on Buddha and had full knowledge of him and his plan for her. I do recommend you add this book to your reading list.

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