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Move Monday- Fitness Series

One of my goals this year is to be consistent in tracking my workouts and right now I’m on a roll. This #10950 challenge is really making me more aware of how active I am.

Monday 25/04/2016  I didn’t workout  but I did 20 minutes of walking around which brought me to 2760 minutes. 


Tuesday 26/04/2016 I managed about  45 minutes at the Fit camp as we focused greatly on correcting form and I really needed that as I workout from home and have noone to watch and correct me. I’m at 2805 minutes now.

Wednesday 27/04/2016 There was more walking roughly  25 minutes making the total 2830 minutes.

Thursday 28/04/2016 Another session at the free Fit camp we managed 60 minutes coming to a total of 2890 minutes.

Friday 29/04/2016 I guess walking was the exercise of the walk. I walked another 20 minutes coming to a total 2910 minutes.

Sunday 01/05/2016 Hike Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve  which amazingly I did exactly a year to the date,  check out the post here . I’m not sure how far was walked because I switched off my GPS tracker function on the Pacer app  when we sat down at the Lookout Point. We had already covered over 5 km. I’m excited to have hiked a total  180 minutes as this number pushed me to 3090 minutes.


Last year this time I was so behind. I’m glad I’m already able to see that my focus has improved and I’m pushing myself even further.


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