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Movie review : Eddie the eagle

I ended up watching this movie by default. The movie I wanted to watch had started at a much earlier time. I wasn’t really expecting much; after all it was yet another sports movie but the movie slowly wiggled its way into my heart.

Eddie’s determination to go to the Olympics was truly amazing and inspiring. I’m reminded to fight for my dream. Eddie wouldn’t quit even after his own father was tired of him fighting for what seemed to be an impossible dream.

I’m taught to stay true to my dream no matter what obstacles face me. Be it family or friends not understanding or being supportive or the man suppressing by setting the stricter rules to stop you like the British Olympic Committee and fellow teammates did to Eddie. Eddie knew the true meaning of haters gonna hate but did not stop fighting for what he wanted.


Why you should watch it

  1. It’s inspiring
  2. It’s more than a cliche sports movie
  3. Hugh jackman is in it. Did I mention that
  4. It’s full of everything funny lines, tear jerking scenes and heartwarming stuff.
  5. There’s many teachable moments I was sitting next to two women about 75 years old.

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