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Event: Writers Bloc @ Skoobs

Once a month my favourite book store Skoobs holds the writers bloc where poets come together and share their craft. I found this event on Facebook yesterday and decided to attend. I had never been to a poetry reading session before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It’s great to see Skoobs giving young people the platform to bring their poetry, art , music and books. The writer’s bloc was organised by Calen who circulated the bookstore welcoming everyone before the show started. The topic was DREAMS. 


Ferdi shared two poems which I enjoyed so much I didn’t take notes or photos while he was speaking. Rex  was a fan favourite, he’s performance very theatrical  and left me in deep thought and I must admit needing a dictionary.

Puleng’s opening line was “I dream of violence” but I didn’t tune out immediately instead I found myself being pulled into the world of Puleng’s dreams.

Simone was nervous before she played and I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. She performed two songs one by Coldplay and Justin Bieber’s Love yourself. I enjoyed myself and was amazed when I learnt that she is self taught and plays by ear.

Sharon’s first poem
Sharon is turning 50 today and this was her first sharing (clearly poetry talk). The title of her poem was Dare to dream . I found myself wanting to say Amen. You find wise words on other places not just the pulpit.

Ida shared dreaming of an old love which seemed very appropriate with this being the month of Love. Then finally Zama and Alan. Zama is a very powerful and soulful vocalist. I noticed she might have Tracy Chapman and India Arie influences. There was lots of emotion expressed in the songs.


Unfortunately I didn’t stay for the open mic session. The event did start late which Calen did apologise for. Poets are a different breed from bloggers but still  are very much writers. Poetry is not my thing but I’m glad I gave it a chance. Who knows I might just grow to love it.

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