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Delightful Peep of the Month of Feb’16

Meet Mark Llewhellin a self Development Coach and Inspirational Speaker. who has defied many odds. Mark joined the British army at the age of 16  and he initially failed his one and a half mile (2,4 km)run basic fitness test and was voted the fattest person in his troop. He went on to be bodyguard, broke the 100 km treadmill world record.  In 1999 Mark did a 6 day run and covered over 130 miles (+209 km) in the Sahara Desert. Mark is also a dad,  a writer and an ex-army commando.


Mark now spends a lot of his time interviewing high achievers & inspirational people. You can see Mark’s video interviews on his Mark Llewhellin (Coach) Facebook page & YouTube. Mark is also on Twitter: @MarkLlewhellin

How did you get into fitness? I had to join the army so I started training.

What motivates you? Going beyond and doing seemingly impossible things.

What are your day to day routines like?  I’m currently working on 2 books, I take fitness clients out were I help them meet their fitness goals and I also interview high achievers in the fitness and business world.
What fitness apps do you use to track your progress? Strava (I came first out of the Strava Distance Challenge with over 51,000 people in 2014 & 2015.
What is your favourite quote? “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S Eliot

What challenges have you faced you faced as you became a fitness trainer, a speaker, a dad?  Fitness trainer When I was younger I had low self esteem and thought that becoming someone special and achieving things was just a distant dream. One of the big turning points was I told everyone I wanted to be an Army Commando. Considering I had failed my basic 1.5 mile run only 7 months earlier everyone thought it was impossible for me to achieve this goal. I failed the first attempt from lack of fitness. I failed the second time through injury and only just passed the 3rd time. I found that 2 important keys to success are: 1. Boldly tell people what you’re going to do. 2. Be persistent and never give up.

Speaker: In school I was called Mumbles because I didn’t speak as clearly as most of the other children. That was something that could have held me back but I didn’t let it. As a speaker I learned: 1. Just go for it! You don’t have to be perfect to start off with. 2. Use peoples mocking and criticism as fuel to drive you to greater success. I had many great times in the army but I was fed up of not having enough freedom and was fed up of bosses telling me what to do with my life. I also got bullied a bit. I learned: 1. If your around the wrong people either finish your relationship or leave your job if it comes to it. Life is too short to have either a boss or a partner that isn’t treating to as they would want others to treat them. 2. Take charge of your own life, don’t bother complaining about your situation. Be bold and make a change, be the master of your own life’s story.

Dad: I’ve been very lucky with my son Léon. I’m not with his mum but his mum and step dad are great people. I get to see him every Tuesday after school. He sleeps over and I take him to school on Wednesday morning. I also have him over with me every other weekend. As a dad that sees his son part time I learned: 1. Be nice to his mum and try and make things as smooth as possible for both us and our son. 2. Be grateful for each moment with your children. You can always make more money if you spend time with your children but you can never buy time back even if you’re a billionaire.

How has your health improved since you started living healthier? It’s improved massively. When I was 16 I failed my basic 1.5 mile army run and was voted fattest person in the troop. I complete tasks easier and now have a very positive outlook on life.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to get healthier? Make a start today no matter how small. It could be going for a 5 minute walk or talking 1 less teaspoon of sugar in your coffee

Find out more about Mark and he’s journey across america 7 seven times here

Mark is also working on his first book for me information check out here



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