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Book review: Kathryn James- Gypsy girl

Book 7 of 2015

Kathryn James: Gypsy Girl 

I rate this book 4 out of 5

About the book

Gypsy Girl is a story about a tough but likeable traveler girl called Sammy-Jo Smith. Every single fight competition she has ever entered, she has won. Throughout the book she fights, runs and is generally feisty, all in six inch heels. One of the reasons for all this fighting is rich boy, Gregory Langton. He is deeply in love with Sammy-Jo, even though his parents disapprove of his choice.

Sammy-Jo has so many things on her mind: Gregory, her sister’s wedding and getting kicked off a sacred field which her mother got married on. Somehow, she manages to work it all out and her fortitude is shown all the way through the book. This book shows you that travelling people are not so different from other people. It also makes you realise that you don’t even need a permanent home. All you need is love, friendship and a brave spirit.


My thoughts on the book

This was the perfect book to read while on vacation. I even loved the fact that the main character was named Sammy-Jo. I got to see a new perceptive about the way gypsies live. I loved Sammy’s love for her family and her strength.

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