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Goals for November and October Recap

October Goals Recap

  1. Create a new schedule for the summer- Looks like I’ll be a bit busy this summer, parties, dinners and packing. 
  2. Work on new blog ideas- fitness focused posts – I haven’t blogged any of the ideas but I’ve made some drafts in my notes. Will publish them soon, I hope 🙂 
  3. Begin study sessions- I still haven’t received the study material so I will push this to November
  4. Write one new chapter of novel- I did a bit of writing but I don’t think it was enough for a chapter. 
  5. Go on vacation- I went to Mabalingwe lodge in Limpopo and had such an amazing time.IMG_20151110_144156[1]

November Goals

  1. Begin buying Christmas presents for my friends and family.
  2. Purchase my ticket
  3. Finish all projects- work and blog wise
  4. Plan my trip home- create an itinerary for the places and people I’m going to see.

What are you looking forward to doing in November? 

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