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Move Monday- Fitness Series

This past week was a busy week for me and I reached the halfway mark without any exercise, then I decided enough is enough and I pushed myself to workout to about 200 minutes of exercise.

Wednesday 14/10/2015 I started with my go to exercise when I’m tired or just plain lazy zumba which go me pumped and I managed 60 minutes increasing my total to 5219 minutes.

Thursday 15/10/2015 I missed my walk on Monday so I decided to do it on thursday. I walked almost 4 km in 56  minutes totaling 5275 minutes.

My 4 km walk

Friday 16/10/2015 I managed 40 minutes aerobics and floor work. I really need to work on strengthening my core.  That was my last work out of the week which brought me to 5315 minutes of the #10950MinutesofExercise Challenge.

I will be focusing on my core this coming week.

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