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Goals for October and September Recap

This post is late but I’m so grateful I had a chance to work and accomplish my goals.

September Goals Update

1. Attend the second book blogger event of the year- Completed successfully and you can read about it here

Panelists of the night

2. Read a new novel- I also completed the novel very quickly you read about it here


3. Write in both my prayer and gratitude journals- While this is complete it will be one of those goals that are recurring, maybe I’ll write an update when some prayers are answered. 


4. Work on 101 goal list and complete at least 3 goals on the list. – Well I kind of forgot to work on this goal until the very last minute. I’m glad I managed to work on 4 goals and more information to come in my 101 goal update at the end of the month. 

5. Spoil myself- I went for a massage at Sorbet Fourways and I had such a wonderful time. 

October Goals

  1. Create a new schedule for the summer
  2. Work on new blog ideas- fitness focused posts
  3. Begin study sessions
  4. Write one new chapter of novel

I look forward to an amazing October.

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  1. Great goal update. I like that you spoiled yourslf a little.

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