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Goal Update: Goal 5: Go hiking

On Friday Workers Day we headed out to the South to Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve for a hike. The weather was amazing with a clear blue sky and a warm autumn sun. On arrival we signed in and took a look at the different trails on a map.


We decided that we were going to combine at least two trails to be able to hike over 5 km. We managed to hike close to 7 km in under 3 hours. This obviously included the photo breaks and water breaks.

Look a everyone's poses
Look a everyone’s poses

What I liked about the hike

Free entrance – when you’re living on budget it helps not having to pay for really awesome experiences.

Several trails to choose from and a map at the entrance showing you all the different trail so you can map out your hike.

Beautiful scenery

Signs and markers to show how much you should expect to walk and of course to ensure you don’t get lost.


Signs and Markers on the trails
Signs and Markers on the trails

River on the trail

I recommend

Carry lots of water to drink

Wear a hat and put on sunscreen – the African sun is lovely but sometimes harsh

Wear comfy shoes with grip – My takkies were slipping in some areas.

Carry snacks – you will need energy for some of the trails


Now that I’ve done I want to do it again and if the opportunity to hike comes up again I will go for it. My only disappointment is we only saw one animal (a wildebeest) though at some point on the trail Vee saw a meerkat, it was gone by the time I looked up.

I’m glad I completed another 101 goal. I look forward to completing the next one.


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