I’ve been working out in an outdoor gym setup for a while now and it has been fruitful and fun. However there’s also the awkward moments which make the gym rather interesting like the list below. 

  • Like when you wear white or light coloured panties with a pair of black tights its see through and everyone can see your panties. *I’ve done this*
  • The most funny one is when someone farts in the class it’s particularly if it’s a loud fart however it’s awkward if it’s a silent stink bomb.
  • Sweating while it is natural thing it gets awkward when you sweat through your gym clothes particularly the crotch area and it ends up looking like you peed your pants. 
  • This is a classic- Wardrobe malfunctions like your pants falling off or even worse your pants ripping maybe even a hole in your tights. 
  • What about gym lingo there’s certain words you never hear outside the gym. Gluts, quads, jab, utkatasana, upper cut, salsa lunge and many other terms and the instructor throws them around and all you think is what does that mean.  
  • What about the quick combinations and trying to keep up with the rest of the class. Simply knowing the difference between your right and left can prove to be tricky.

What awkward gym moments have you had lately?