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Funny Movie Line Series VI

“Isn’t it ironic my life sucks and my vacuum cleaner doesn’t’ #DeviousMaids

“I’ll skin your tattoos off and hang them on the wall”

“Cry on the inside like a winner” ~ #TheOtherWoman

Singing is my favourite type of music” ~ #TheTuxedo
“You’re the head of intelligence, do something intelligent”~ #TheTuxedo
“I will bury you so deep in the ground that the heat from the earth’s core will incinerate your body.”

“Try the finger sandwiches, they are real fingers.”

“I thought Swedish was English with an accent”  
“I’m poor. I mean I’m so poor that we’ll have to share a helicopter with the whole family.”#TwoWeeksNotice

“I’ll torture you so slowly you’ll think it’s a career.”

What do you think of the Funny Movie Line Series? 
Do you remember any funny lines from movies you’ve watched lately?

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