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Final 101 goal update

Lessons learned while doing the 101 Goals in 1001 days 
I’ve learnt that procrastination has to be dealt with daily and that if not dealt with will create feelings of failure. Planning goals is not enough but also knowing why you want to achieve a particular goal will help you to stay focused.  The upside is the feelings of satisfaction which are high when a goal is completed. i discovered that I am capable of doing more more than I expected but need a constant push or motivation to stay on track.  It’s unfortunate than I was unable to complete my challenge though I am proud of the fact that I was able to complete over 50% of the goal challenge despite the challenges I faced like not being employed for over 15 months during the goal challenge. I will continue setting goals and planning my life in my efforts to be a better person.  

Below is my status at the last day of my challenge. 

Start Date: 02 June 2011
End Date: 28 February 2014
Goals complete: 056/101
Goals in progress: 014/101
Goals Not Done: 3
* = in progress
struck through means done
italics are notes or changes
red means I’m not doing it anymore
How have you felt after failing to  accomplish a particular goal?

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