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Another (another) 101/1001 Goals Update

This update is a couple of days late. I planned to do a goal check-in every 6 months. I’m left with less 200 days and it’s becoming more difficult to complete the goals I set out to complete. Having been unemployed for over a year has been the main reason. Though I have more time on my hands I have no money as most of the goals require money to be completed. I am at 42/101 Goals with 3 that I’ve given up on entirely.  In 7 months I managed to complete only 6 goals which sadly is the worst I’ve done in my goal pursuit and my fight against procrastination. Fortunately I have friend who has offered to help me complete about 7 of the goals on the list. All I need is a bit of money to travel. I’m excited and even hopeful that my next 101 goal update will look better. 

Goals completed:
16. Go to concert.
37. Visit a museum. 
47. Develop habit: Fold clothes properly the first time round
57. Have a candle-lit dinner.
62. Volunteer my time. I occasionally volunteer at my church. 
81. Get dressed up for no good reason.

Goal 37. at Museum Africa

Goal abandoned:
51. Build up a nice alcohol collection.* I’ve decided to reduce my alcohol intake

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