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101 Goals/1001 Days V 2.0

This is my second attempt I got this concept from DayZeroProject and other bloggers. It’s real simple all you have to do is complete 101 goals in 1001 days (2,75 years). They can be big, small, once off, repeated or even progressive goals. This challenge I feel eases of the pressure of trying to do things in a year like Resolutions. 

Start Date: 01 September 2014
End Date: 28 May 2017
Goals complete: 056/101
Goals in progress: 014/101
* = in progress
struck through means done
italics are notes or changes

Adventure and travel

  1. Once every three months go on an out of town excursion
    2. Go horse- riding
    3. Visit Cape Town
    4. Visit a new country- starting somewhere close like Mozambique, Lesotho
    5. Visit an aquarium
    6. Go hiking
    7. Go mountain or indoor rock climbing
    8. Go ice skating
    9. Go balloon riding
    11. Go on a river cruise
    11. Visit to Sun City
    12. Go to Durban again*
    13. Go to Soweto
    14. Visit the God’s eye in Mpumalanga
    15. Go to the Cradle of mankind

Career and Finance

16. Get my Junior Bookkeeping Certificate by June 2015
17. Work towards a promotion
18. Study a social media marketing course
19. Find a way to make a second income.
20. Write more freelance articles 1 per month
21. Make a financial investment like Setting up a unit trust.
22. Stick to my budget and track my spending
23. Save money consistently
24. Create a media kit for my blog.
25. Save money- have R 30 000 in the bank (Used this to pay off my car.
26. Study Senior Bookkeeping in 2016


27. Learn to play the guitar and master 2 songs
28. Change my blog design
29. Migrate my blog to WordPress
30. Post more regularly 6 posts a month
31. Engage more with other brands and bloggers
32. Go to a blogger conference
33. Increase blog monthly views to 1000 per month (2015) 2500 per month (2016)*
34. Improve my Facebook page for my blog (revamp, increase likes and content)
35. Make a blog planner and use it to make my blog better
36. Get more followers on my blog
37. Start a YouTube channel – There’s still a lot of groundwork I need to do for this goal to happen.
38. Become a regular contributor for another blog (Improve my Chasing joy ambassadorship) (Goal Canclled 
39. Get business cards for my blog*

Health and Fitness

40. Have a spa day every 6 months 1/5*
41. Improve my running time from 48 min to 38 min for 5 km.
42. Find out my blood type
43. Visit a doctor Several trip during my egg donation process
44. Get medical aid
45. Run a 10 km race
46. Go to the gym regularly goal changed(I workout from home
47. Take a pole fitness class*
48. Buy exercise equipment for home workouts (yoga blocks, strap, weights and pilates ball.)
49. Take a Pilates class
50. Visit the dentist
51. Master a handstand away from a wall
52. Go for a SWEAT 1000 class
53. Learn how to use kettlebells
54. Get a fitness watch

Just Because

55. Visit a winery
56. Get my own car

57. Pay off car
58. Learn how row a boat
59. Go paint balling
60. Make time for a bubble bath and just relax
61. Go on a cruise
62. Go to a film festival
63. Go picking strawberries
64. Get married – though I have no real control over this but I’ll be optimistic
65. Buy a quality camera – Nikon or Canon

66. Try speed dating- I signed up and two dinners were cancelled


67. Volunteer my time to my church
68. Start a life group for women through my church
69. Donate money consistently

Productivity and development

70. Listen to podcasts for motivation and ideas
71. Read autobiographies 1/5
72. Watch less TV
73. Create a weekly then daily schedule to keep track of tasks to be completed
74. Review progress every three months *
75. Finish writing my novel*
76. Create a vision board for each year *3/3
77. Start a gratitude and prayer journal
78. Read more Christian books 3/10*
79. Learn how to bake- bread, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake
80. Learn how to knit and be able to knit – scarf, gloves and or a hat*
81. Learn how to edit my photos using  canva
82. Organize my photos and get a digital frame
83. Go to a church conference


84. Visit the majestic Victoria Falls
85. Go on a safari
86. Visit a museum 0/4
87. Go to a concert
88. Get a new phone
89. Get a family picture
90. Create a binder full “get happy” quotes, music, pictures and notes to keep me motivated
91. Receive a blogger award (once again I have no real control over this)
92. Monetise my blog
93. Go away on vacation

94. Join a writing club




  1. Lydia Lydia

    Interesting samantha

    • Sammyjoe91 Sammyjoe91

      Thank you Lydia for stopping by.

  2. Oh wow, this is awesome!! So weird how we suddenly find things when we’re on a certain path or point in our lives. I’ve just decided to do a project of goals and your list has really motivated me to make that happen from today. Thank you! I really love your goals here and to see how much you’ve accomplished… all in once set place is a huge achievement! I usually scribble my goals in notebooks and then I switch them or I start a Google doc. But this makes sense. I’m going to do something similar and put it on my blog. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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